Acvilin-Grup presentation Quick facts, company history,
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The Acvilin-Grup holding company today — is leader in the distribution field of the mass-consumption products, foodstuff and office furniture of the world leading producers on the Moldova’s market. During its existence, the company made a lot of business relations, working with world known companies— "Dupont", "Nestle", "Philip Morris", "Montegrappa" and others.

Collaboration with Acvilin-Grup Company

Collaboration with Acvilin-Grup Company

Thanks to the reputation of Acvilin-Grup as a trustworthy company, the Moldavian consumers met the productions of the leading Russian and Ukrainian trade marks, such as "Sybyrskiy Bereg", "MERX" and "Art Metal Furniture". The permanent widening of the partners’ relations and the increase of the products assortment, the professionalism of our collaborators and the collaboration guarantee all that make the Acvilin-Grup reputation’s as a leading and responsible partner. The client’s base of Acvilin-Grup today counts over 6000 trade putlets and it is increasing, attracting more and more clients.

Your potential partner

The Acvilin-Grup Company is faithful to its mission – to make qualitative mass-consumption products accessible to every resident of Moldova. That is not possible without close relations with the production-companies. That is why Acvilin-Grup enlarges its partner network and invites to collaborate the companies that deal with the mass-consumption products and foodstuff. To regulate the collaboration with Acvilin-Grup it is very simple: we don’t care about the dimensions of the producing base of the potential partner, its technical equipment or the popularity of the trade mark. We are interested in all the proposals in the mass-consumption filed, foodstuff and office furniture and the development desire.

If you are interested in your business development along with Acvilin-Grup Company, get in touch with us, and our specialists will familiarize you with our possibilities to the common success road.