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Philip Morris International Marlboro cigarettes

Marlboro cigarettes

If you will ask: "Which cigarettes are for men? " — The majority will answer very quick: "Of course the „Marlboro“cigarettes!". Everybody does remember from the childhood the image of the brutal cowboy Marlboro.

The "Marlboro" cigarettes appeared in 1924. And since then, they are the most marketed and popular cigarettes’ brand of the contemporaneity. An interesting fact is that the "Philip Morris" company, the producer of the famous cigarettes, positioned "Malboro" as cigarettes for women.

The red stripe on the filter allowed hiding the vestige of the lipstick, the advertising campaign’s face was the Hollywood star May West.

In 1947 "Marlboro" cigarettes had a new face— an unshaven manly cowboy, who is personified till our days with the "Marlboro" brand.

"Marlboro" in Moldova

Since 1999 the Acvilin-Grup company represents "Marlboro" cigarettes on Moldavian market. By signing the contract with "Philip Morris" company, Acvilin-Grup gives to all the lovers of qualitative tobacco’s goods the possibility to enjoy their favorite cigarette’s mark.

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