Acvilin-Grup presentation Quick facts, company history,
selling volume and future plans.


For more than 19 years of its work, Acvilin-Grup showed oneself as trustworthy partner, open tot new ideas and courageous commercial decisions. Each company, with whom Acvilin-Grup collaborates in its own way, is unique, and to each we try to find the right approach and decision.

For a long time Acvilin-Grup collaborates with different companies abroad. In our partners’ list are included such markets’ grandees of mass-consumption products, as:

Philip Morris International Philip Morris International The "Montegrappa" Company The Montegrappa Company

Furniture concern MERX Furniture concern MERX The AMF Company The AMF Company The "Nowy Styl" Company The

We would like to thank our partners for their trust in us, sincerity and support of our missions and aims.