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Company Regional Point-of-Sale Terminals

Regional Point-of-Sale Terminals

The Acvilin Company enlarges the geographical scope of its activities through the organizations of the transport products from one of the seven warehouse of the company to the point-of-sell terminal. A new direction of the wholesale in regions is actively unraved. An extensive fleet of the company allows in 24 hours to deliver any order of the product to all the regions of Moldova, where are the subsidiary of the Company.

You will receive detailed information on the coverage of all the representatives of the company in the regions, by moving to a regional branch of the company Acvilin-Grup on the map.

Acvilin-Grup, subsidiary Edinets
Acvilin-Grup, subsidiary Baltsy
Acvilin-Grup, subsidiary Kishinau
Acvilin-Grup, subsidiary Comrat
Acvilin-Grup, subsidiary Cahul
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