Acvilin-Grup presentation Quick facts, company history,
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Company Quick Facts

Quick Facts

The Acvilin-Grup holding company is leader in the distribution of the mass-produced goods and office furniture. The Corporation operates with success on the Moldavian market, using the progressive experience of its foreign and native partners. The company shows itself as a trustworthy one, and it collaborates with the internationally known producers, as the "Philip Morris International" company, “Nestle” company, and many others.

The headquarters of Acvilin-Grup

The headquarters of Acvilin-Grup

Acvilin-Grup is selling goods all over the country - the wholesale network covers all the regions of the country, and bringing it close as must as possible to the consumer. The company offers advantageous conditions and the best correlation price and quality, guarantees quick delivery of the goods to the destination with a modern transport fleet. Acvilin Grup does also the best that its goods and services become more accessible to almost the entire population of Moldova. "Metro Cash&Carry Moldova", "Fourchette", "Green Hills", "Fidesco", "Supermarket № 1" and also more than 6000 other organizations all around Moldova are the clients of the Acvilin Grup Company.

Acvilin-Grup — is more than 350 professional employees, 42 automobiles for delivery and 89 commercials representatives, which have as motto:”High-quality good through the high-quality service”. The collaborators do the best so that the goods of the well known producers could be accessible in any corner of Moldova.