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The Acvilin-Grup holding company is dynamically developing, getting into new markets – its state, counting more than 350 collaborators, is permanent increasing. That is why despite the fact that the turnover is low, it does always seeking new talents that might be part of the team and participate to the corporation development.

Hall for refresher courses and lectures

Hall for refresher courses and lectures

Acvilin-Grup appreciates the active life position and commitment to development, professionalism, responsibility and focus on results, the willingness to team’ s work and awareness of belonging to the common cause. The company offers to its workers opportunities for professional development. The adopted in Acvilin-Grup system of education represents courses of foreign languages, short-term annual seminars, accessible to all the workers, and also internship abroad.

A variety of opportunities for career growth are provided to the staff members. They receive benefits packages, and with maximum impact to the company, they can count on the support and assistance of Acvilin Grup, awards and other encouragements.

In Acvilin-Grup works a lot of people with different professional level and age category, but all of them are unifying such qualities as fairness and flexibility, the respect of colleagues, and keen interest in the clients’ need, desire to seek solutions to tasks and improve the quality of results.

With the actual vacancies of Acvilin-Grup you can learn in the compartment "Vacancies".

Each worker of Acvilin-Grup — is a professional and outstanding personality. Join us!